Tuesday, October 14, 2008

XBOX 360 Achievements

Someone involved with the XBOX 360 is a stinking genius. It's certainly not the person that was responsible for the overheating problem that killed a goodly number of the first generation of XBOX 360 hardware. I'm talking about the person who came up with the idea of achievement points.

The achievement points concept brings an entire "game within a game" concept into play, allowing players to chase goals that really have nothing to do with the main thrust of the game. The absolute worst achievement I've collected has to be from The Simpsons Game which rewarded me for pressing the start button. Lame....

My favorite achievement comes from Crackdown which rewarded me for killing five criminals while in mid-air. Normally I wouldn't recommend jumping while using a rocket launcher, but man alive was that fun.

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Steve said...

My favorite achievement is Guitar Hero II's "Extra Credit Award." The description of this 10-point achievement is simple: "Viewed the credits." Yep. From the main menu, view the credit roll, go get yourself a sandwich (it's about 15 minutes long), then voila, your gamerscore has increased!