Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Ummm... is this the same Los Angeles?

MLSnet recently published an article about Leo Bautista, a Venezuelan defender who is on trial with the Los Angeles Galaxy. It's a cute little article about how he's enjoying his time in the States and how nice it is in Los Angeles. However I really wonder if the author embellished some of the quotes. At the end of the article Bautista says:
"I'm very happy I came here," he said. "If I told you my country was similar to this, I'd be lying. The streets are clean, people respect laws ... it's just spectacular. I would stay here. I've fallen in love with the city."
Is he staying in the same Los Angeles we see in the news? I can only see a few reasons why he would have said this:
  1. Writer embellishment
  2. Faulty translation from Spanish to English
  3. Venezuela = Thunderdome.

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