Thursday, July 02, 2009

Why Must Modern Lyrics Suck?

I was listening to some Duke Ellington the other day, and was struck by just how low our standards for song lyrics are these days. Take this lyric from Come to Baby, Do!
So pucker up my sweet
and meet your Waterloo
Come to baby, do!
How many people writing songs these days even know what Waterloo is? Now we get to listen to the ever-nuanced Gwen Stefani repeat That's my sh*t over and over again.

Even songs about boot-knockin' were much better. Take this other Ellington example where after informing her man that he must kiss her Long Strong and Consecutive, the singer adds:
When I want a chicken, I don't want the gizzard
When I go a-fishin' a minnow won't do
You must be a standout, a whirlwind a wizard,
got to be the champ, or else you're through.
It's a long, sad road from this to "I don't want no short d*ck man." *sigh*

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