Saturday, January 31, 2009

So Beckham's Washed Up, Huh?

When David Beckham joined the Galaxy two years ago, many folks said he was washed up/cashing one last check/joining a retirement league/etc. Of course this must be true, I mean Fabio Capello keeps calling him into the England squad, and he's scored two goals in two games for Milan, including this free kick bomb:

Not bad for someone who can't play any more....

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playtherapy said...

The question has seldom been whether Becks can play when motivated- the questions usually revolve around motivation and can teams cover for his age-related deficiencies. A defensively sound Milan can fully capitilize on a motivated Becks skills.

Surrounding cast makes a huge difference. Donovan has always excelled at situations offering lots of space- where he's most dangerous. This requires players with lots of stamina and fast wheels- not Becks forte.

Golden Balls would do well to stay @ Milan. Though Arena has made good signings on his shoestring budget, the addition of Kirovski gave the feeling that perhaps it wasn't Lalas making the iditiotic personnel decisions but a maleovolent spirit possessing him. That evil presence still lingers much to the delight of the Rapids who off loaded unwanted rubbish.

Hats off to Becks, showing us, "I can play, if I had a team."