Tuesday, January 27, 2009

We heard you missed us... we're back...

Every year there are a couple of players who bolt from Major League Soccer to places across the Atlantic with crosses on their flags. Cold places like Norway and Denmark. So far this year the league lost Michael Parkhurst to a Danish club and Hunter Freeman to the Norwegians. We've also seen players like Marcus Tracy and Mike Grella skip MLS altogether to sign with lower-level European teams straight out of college.

Some players are going to sign in Europe no matter what. The lure of living abroad and the perceived chance of catching the eye of a huge club like Manchester United is too much to pass up. What's missed among the hand wringing and bitter invective on BigSoccer is the fact that many of these players eventually show up back in the United States. The grass is not always greener on the other side. With more than two months left for MLS teams to acquire players before the start of the season, these players have already floated back:

Steve Purdy (Germany)
Danny Torres (Norway)
Tally Hall (Denmark)
Mike Videira (Scotland)

So the next time you hear an American has left for Europe do not despair. Chances are they will be back eventually.

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