Thursday, April 01, 2010

An Embarrassment of Riches

The recently-signed MLS collective bargaining agreement raised the salary cap to $2.55 million per year, with 5% increases each of the four years after that. If you think that's a small number, take a look at our neighbors to the south in Jamaica.

Howard Hamilton recently published a summary of a couple of articles showing just how cash-starved the Jamaican federation (and it's club teams) are. The Jamaican league has decided not to participate in the CFU Champions Cup - the regional tournament which is used to qualify teams for the CONCACAF Champions League. The reason was that the tab for playing these games was too much for the teams to bear. So what is the estimated cost for making it through the tournament?


That's right -- an extra $65,000 is enough to put these teams significantly in the hole. There's your dose of perspective for the next time you want to complain that MLS teams aren't spending enough.

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