Saturday, April 24, 2010

Thanks for Nothing

MLS revamped their web site to coincide with the start of the season, and to say that this was a debacle is a disservice to debacles. When the commissioner has to address how terribly broken the league's web site is during an interview with Sports Illustrated, that's failure on an epic scale.

I won't bore you with the list of all the things that went wrong Fake Sigi has already done a great job explaining that. The thing MLS doesn't seem to understand is that since things are still broken now five games into the season is that they are preventing people like me from giving them free publicity. I use their stats and player profile pages a considerable amount in my blogging. You still can't search the alumni database for a given player. There is still no way to get more than the top four leaders in any statistical category for any year. There's no way to get the career leaders in any category that I can see.

At some point I'll start blogging again... if I can ever get some source material to back things up with.

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