Thursday, October 01, 2009

The Kamara-Thompson Trade

When I saw that Kei Kamara had been traded for Abe Thompson, I was a bit surprised. If you take a closer look at the numbers, it makes a little more sense. Here's the stat lines involved:

77 gm 14 g 12 a .18 gpg (3547 min)
58 gm 9 g 2 a .15 gpg (2957 min)

There's not too much to distinguish these players, other than the fact that one of them seems to be a much better passer than the other. So which is which? The man with the more deft passing touch is... Abe Thompson. If you buy into the theory that forwards get better when they get to Houston, this might actually work in the Dynamo's favor.

Of course, there's much more to a trade than just stats, and Bernardo Fallas wrote a recent piece that sheds a whole lot of light on the situation. Factoring that into the equation along with the stats above, this trade makes much more sense.

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