Friday, October 16, 2009

USA Wins the Hex - So Why All the Bitching?

The USA finished their World Cup qualifying on Wednesday with a 2-2 draw against Costa Rica. With the entire qualifying campaign in the books, it makes me wonder why there was so much complaining during this cycle. From internet complaining you would think that this was the worst US team in a while, but the stats tell a different story.

Keeping in mind that this is the fourth time CONCACAF has used a hexagonal for the final round...
  • This is the first time the USA has won the hex outright. In 2006 the US ended tied for tops with Mexico with 22 points.
  • This was actually the fourth best qualifying season by any team in the history of the hexagonal, and only two points off the pace of the best hex ever by the Red White and Blue.
  • It was also the highest scoring hex ever for the USA.
So again I ask, why all the complaining?

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